HULFT Named to Top 10 Smart Plant Solutions by Manufacturing Technology & Insights Magazine

In the December issue of Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine, we’re very proud to report that HULFT was named to the Top 10 Smart Factory Solution Providers of 2022. On this list, HULFT joins notable global manufacturers General Electric and Mitutoyo American and major software companies including Plex Systems and Software AG.

In the HULFT profile, the magazine editor wrote:

“Grounded in automation and data exchange across the manufacturing supply chain, Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how things are made. Loosely connected assets are glued into a tightly networked system of machines capable of AI and real-time analysis through smart software integration. However, most manufacturers are still operating in Industry 3.0, relying on disparate legacy systems that make data collection messy and inaccurate and preventing smooth system integration. If they are to reach Industry 4.0 capabilities, modern-day manufacturers also need ‘Data Integration 4.0’ as an underlying infrastructure to connect new and old systems and provide timely and accurate data delivered in real time to synchronize orders, suppliers, inventories, and shipments worldwide.

While most IT vendors leave the actual business implementation of new software for high-priced consultant firms or in-house resources to complete, HULFT stands practically alone in offering both a data integration software platform (iPaaS) and the managed services to support it entirely if that is what the client desires. Consequently, clients not only get state of the art data integration, but HULFT delivers it through powerful business applications including EDI, business intelligence (BI) and B2B e-commerce. Even when the data is on paper  HULFT supports the digitization of it into manufacturing systems like Notiphy, I-reporter and Dozuki.”

Read the full profile.

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