Real-time KPI dashboards in weeks, not years.

We combine Microsoft Power BI visualizations with the most trusted data integration layer, and lead you through a 30-day consulting project that results in customized dashboards for your team.

Dashboards are only as good as the data behind them.

HULFT Business Intelligence Dashboard

Only 30% of the data you need is in a format that your dashboard can consume.

Saison Technology’s world-class data integration engine covers 100% of legacy and modern data sources.

You don’t have time to clean dirty data sets.

Our no-code data automation process ensures that old or duplicate data is cleaned and transformed before it’s served up on your dashboard.

Saison Technology covers all your changes going forward.

Like your business, dashboards are constantly changing. Need to visualize a new KPI? Add a new data source or connection to an external partner? We’ll handle it.

With the Saison Technology monthly subscription, you get an end-to-end BI service. Plus, simple and predictable billing.

Leveraging the most widely used visualization tool. That you probably already own.

The growth of Microsoft Power BI has taken our industry by storm. And with it comes the new reality that the BI projects no longer take years and millions of dollars to produce a dashboard that visualizes the key 5-10 KPIs that reflect the health of your business.

Today, you can create a culture of data-driven analysis and real-time reporting from scratch within 4-8 weeks. In fact, if your organization has a Microsoft 365 agreement, you already have the viz tool you’ll use and Saison Technology provides the rest!

HULFT Business Intelligence Interfaces
HULFT Business Intelligence

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