Complete your digital transformation by integrating paper documents and PDFs

Leveraging OCR technology, HULFT Data Capture eliminates the time-consuming process of manual data entry and custom coding transfers of business documents.

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With HULFT Data Capture, you can:

  • Process more than 100 pages per hour, per instance
  • Automate data collection across all electronic documents
  • Capture critical data, quickly and easily
  • Digitize change order and invoice processes
  • Streamline data workflows
  • Expedite and connect to any system or data integration initiative
  • Reduce time to insight for analytics

What Can Saison Technology Digitize for You?

  • Invoices
  • Accounts payable
  • Delivery orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Legal forms
  • Bill of materials
  • CAD/CAM designs
  • Packing lists
  • Bills of lading


How it works

Step 1: Send us your PDF or Excel documents

Send us your PDF or Excel documents

You can email files directly to us, or upload them into our cloud services portal – either way, it’s fast, easy, and we keep your data safe and secure.

Step 2: Tell us the data you want

Tell us the data you want

Once you identify the data fields you want to capture and rules for future validation, we’ll do the rest. You’ll be provided a secure portal login to check on the status of your documents anytime you want.

Step 3: Validate your data

Validate your data

The Saison Technology cloud services portal provides real-time visibility into the workflow, which tracks your documents from receipt to return, sends alerts and escalations if something needs to be addressed. You have full access to validate and adjust the data based on the predefined parameters.

Step 4: Your data, delivered

Your data, delivered

Upon completion, we’ll notify you when your data is ready to download.

Are You Ready to Experience HULFT?

HULFT Data Capture is one of the most competitively priced enterprise-grade offerings available. To get started, just contact us and we will guide you through a 30-minute concierge session where we will ask you the fundamental questions about your data entry and conversion needs.

With HULFT, you can:

  • Connect applications across your business with our low-code platform and reusable connectors
  • Integrate an unlimited number of major sources and platforms including Oracle, SAP, Tableau, Netsuite, Infor, Dasault and dozens more
  • Leverage our portfolio of managed services that address your outsourcing needs such as EDI, BI, B2B ecommerce and digital transformation.

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