The right data integration framework seamlessly combines legacy and modern systems

Your legacy systems are the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Rather than layer on new enterprise software at tremendous cost, Saison Technology will help you leverage what you already have. No matter if it’s a mainframe or a proprietary database from the 1990s, our powerful data integration framework and library of hundreds of adapters will connect legacy assets with the most modern applications.

      Large and small enterprises trust Saison Technology

When mainframes lack the flexibility you need, and maintenance costs outweigh future benefits, Saison Technology can help. The HULFT Integration Platform is purpose-built to bridge modern and legacy assets, bringing mainframes and older databases out of their silos and put on a common data framework.

Here are two examples of common use cases:

  • Real-time analytics — it’s proven that big data can unlock competitive insights. The starting point is timely access to their core transactional data that can be accessed from all systems.
  • Security and audit compliance — The IT department requires timely detection and rapid response to security events. Typically, Security Event and Information Management (SEIM) systems drive this process, but they are only as good as the data they consume.

No matter what the use case, the HULFT Integration Platform sits at the center of the modern enterprise and effortlessly connects all mission-critical and legacy systems.

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Case study: RIX North America

RIX North America is a subsidiary of RIX Corporation, a 110-year-old global trading company of production goods. Its customers include major global manufacturers that demand speed and efficiencies across their entire supply chain ecosystem.

The company was growing fast but was plagued by a 20-step workflow processes and siloed data sets prevented RIX from responding to customers as fast as desired. So Rix deployed HULFT Data Capture to digitize paper and PDF orders into the digital system. With the right data captured, the team then leveraged HULFT Integrate to further automate the creation of purchase orders and sales orders.

Are You Ready to Experience the HULFT Integration Platform?

See how easy it can be to break down your data integration barriers and dramatically improve your productivity in as little as 30 days.

With HULFT, you can:

  • Connect applications across your business with our low-code platform and reusable connectors
  • Integrate an unlimited number of major sources and platforms including Oracle, SAP, Tableau, Salesforce, Netsuite and dozens more
  • Leverage our portfolio of managed services that address your outsourcing needs

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