Outsource your data integration complexities. Achieve faster ROI. Free up your IT team and turn projects around fast.

Empower your business and IT users through remote access and an intuitive web interface. Saison Technology’s data integration services team handles your backend integration tasks. You retain full control and visibility.

For the IT user

Cloud Integration Services for IT

Respond faster, but always stay in control.

For the business user

Cloud Integration Services for Business

Enable your team with trusted data.


Cloud Integration Services Features

Remote access, intuitive web interface.

Managed integration services for IT users

Cloud Intergration Services for IT Users

You want to respond quickly to integration requests from the business.

But sometimes you don’t have the platforms or a substantial budget in place. Sometimes, you don’t have the team. Sometimes, you’ve never done it before.

Outsource only what you need.

For all of these cases, we offer flexibility –  a fully or partially outsourced integration service that can be set up in hours. Just tell us what IT assets you wish to integrate and what the users need to see on their dashboard. Then we will guide you through the entire process.

You are always in control.

With full visibility into the Global Administrator Console, you decide how your integration project gets done – either fully supported by a world-class integration services team at Saison Technology or we’ll train your team to do it in short order.

With Saison Technology, you get a modern cloud experience with all the benefits. Plus, simple and predictable billing.

Managed integration services for business users

Data visibility for your customers, line workers, and operations staff.

 Your customer wants visibility into the order you just shipped. Your line workers need real-time status and operational dashboards, not spreadsheets of happened yesterday. But these requests involve access to IT systems that vary in age and data complexity, and you’ve heard that the tech project backlog is long.

We’ll make your job easier.

For these situations, we offer flexibility —  a fast fix to your acute problems that has the added benefit of making your operations more agile long term. Just tell us what you want to integrate in plain business terms and Saison Technology’s expert integration services team will do the rest. We’ll work with your IT department or manage the whole project ourselves.

Don’t have an IT team or a budget?

No problem. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get started, and how cost-efficient HULFT integration projects can be.

Cloud Integration Services for Business Users

Features of the HULFT Managed Integration Service

Combining the technical depth that IT requires with an outstanding business user experience.

Multi-Tenant Icon

Multitenant platform management console

Outsource your integration complexities and achieve higher ROI, faster.

Managemnt Console Icon

Platform dashboard

Monitor, control and access your integration projects anywhere.

Integrations & Connectivity Icon

Powerful connectivity

HULFT Integrate connects you to all your diverse data sources, no matter where they reside. Learn about the extensive list of HULFT Integrate Adapters.

Are You Ready to Experience the HULFT Integration Platform?

See how easy it can be to break down your data integration barriers and dramatically improve your productivity in as little as 30 days.

With HULFT, you can:

  • Connect applications across your business with our low-code platform and reusable connectors
  • Integrate an unlimited number of major sources and platforms including Oracle, SAP, Tableau, Salesforce, Netsuite and dozens more
  • Leverage our portfolio of managed services that address your outsourcing needs

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