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Saison Technology prepares manufacturers for the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector. Just-in-time manufacturing demands timely data and accurate solutions to synchronize orders, suppliers, inventories and shipments across ever larger, worldwide, corporate footprints. IT system complexity has grown to a significant share of manufacturing cost.

      Industry 4.0

The automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies isn’t just another passing trend. IoT-connected factories and devices that gather and transmit data along the manufacturing supply chain are not just improving performance and efficiency, but changing the way things are made.

Saison Technology’s data integration solutions are deployed in tens of thousands of manufacturing environments worldwide.

We increase your inventory accuracy and customer service levels. We provide real-time visibility into your industrial data flow and accelerate your speed to business.

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Workers on a line in a production or manufacturing facility

How Saison Technology can fit into your manufacturing data flow:

  • Manufacturing and industrial control
  • REST and SOAP API adapters
  • Functionality for data translation and manipulation
  • Automate workflows for continuous integration
  • Production management and IT
  • Clear monitoring and control
  • Link with inventory management
  • Immediate alerts for faults and disturbances
  • Customer and vendor data management
  • Interfaces for sending and receiving outside data
  • Link with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and many others
  • Automation for synchronization and processing
Preview: O&K Case Study

Case study: Seco Tools

Seco Tools is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal-cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, hole making and tooling systems. With an annual revenue of $1 billion, Seco Tools operates in 75 countries and employs over 4,000 people.

“As a company, we needed an automated and faster way to handle with parts and part-files, as well as document the way parts fit together. Creating and maintaining a single-source database became a top priority for us,” said Bob Tennant, process engineering manager, Seco Tools.

The drag-and-drop data integration architecture of the HULFT Integration Platform all the engineering work to be completed by Seco’s non-development teams. Keeping track of part-files became very easy and automated once the database and process were in place and active. For all future changes, over 150,000 tools, over 150,000 XML documents, and approximately 30,000 excel spreadsheets can be transformed and inserted into the new system in under 10 hours.

Are You Ready to Experience HULFT Managed Integration Services?

See how easy it can be to break down your EN 16931 data integration barriers and dramatically improve your productivity in as little as 30 days.

With a fully managed service provided by Saison Technology, you can:

  • Connect applications across your business with our low-code platform and reusable connectors
  • Integrate an unlimited number of major sources and platforms including Oracle, SAP, Tableau, Salesforce, Netsuite and dozens more
  • Leverage our portfolio of managed services that address your outsourcing needs

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