TradeWaltz Selects HULFT Square to Enable Global Shipping and Trade on Blockchain

When it comes to international trade there’s no little room for delays or errors, even if companies speak different languages and have widely disparate data systems, formats and data center locations. 

Enter TradeWaltz, the game-changing blockchain-based trading platform developed by NTT DATA of Japan. What started in 2017 as a consortium of 13 leading Japanese companies engaged in trade operations is quickly becoming Asia’s primary blockchain-based shipping and trading solution. After 5 years of development and testing, TradeWaltz released its first commercial platform version in April 2022, quickly becoming Asia’s primary blockchain-based shipping and trading solution. 

TradeWaltz This platform is poised to change the way global trade is conducted, but it needs a robust data integration to make it even more powerful – and that’s where HULFT Square comes in. TradeWaltz needed an enterprise-grade data integration solution that could provide the ‘glue’ between the platform and its partners, making data integration a breeze for everyone involved, and enabling fast and efficient connections with minimal fuss.

TradeWaltz was looking for solutions to facilitate API linkage development and selected our cloud-based solution as the first case that enables businesses to manage, develop, integrate, and secure data and applications across any cloud or on-premise location. With streamlined API management, HULFT Square offers intelligent recommendations, connectors, and integration components that make fast and seamless communications possible.

Now with HULFT Square, TradeWaltz and its partners can connect their own systems with the TradeWaltz platform with ease. The solution’s advanced features allow these different systems to share data without any hassle, resulting in the smoothest trading experience possible. The whole process is speedy, secure, and efficient, reducing the time and effort required to integrate systems and get trading partners up to speed.

We are also excited about the TradeWaltz deployment because it is the first enterprise-grade deployment of blockchain technology that we have been involved with. Using the combination of blockchain ledgers and Saison Technology’s enterprise-grade security, TradeWaltz participants now have an unprecedented level of information accuracy and protection, keeping them away from the fraud that is typical of any traditional shipping and trading system.

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