Continuing our Relationship with Square Enix, Providing Integration Support for a Major ERP Initiative

We are very excited to announce that Square Enix LTD., one of the world’s leading video game developers and publishers, has selected HULFT Integrate to manage and integrate financial and sales data as part of its migration to a single global ERP platform. The move is aimed at upgrading its legacy processes, systems, and connected sub-systems into a single, accessible platform for its business divisions across Japan, America, and Europe.

The decision to choose HULFT Integrate was made after a review process that focused on data flow, data security, and user interaction with the data. The Square Enix team assessed several products similar to HULFT before deciding to run a trial to determine if it was the right fit for their needs. The final sign-off was based on the successful proof of concept project built on a single EDI data flow for their digital and physical sales process, and verifying how HULFT would work with that and where other systems or applications would fit with HULFT.

This use case is not the first time Square Enix has worked with HULFT. The company has been using DataSpider, the HULFT Integrate equivalent in Japan, since 2016. DataSpider helped the Japan team align and connect several systems, moving them away from custom integrations. Square Enix also leveraged HULFT adapters that connected DataSpider and HULFT Integrate, and the IT team appreciated how easy it was to visualize the data map in use.

The move to HULFT Integrate is expected to simplify the integration workflow, making it easier for Square Enix to manage its data and systems. The company plans to use HULFT Integrate to replace legacy connections to for exchange rates and establish a new data flow. This is a significant step for Square Enix, and the case study can be found here.

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