HULFT Inc. Makes Strategic Charitable Donations in the U.S. and U.K. through SISCO’s 1% Giving Program

We are very proud of our parent company, Saison Information Systems (SISCO), for donating 1% of its operating income to nonprofits that are aligned towards sustainability, making the world’s communities and climate better for all. While SISCO has donated to charities for many years, this is the first year it has aligned its giving program to the overall corporate mission. In addition, SISCO created a dedicated department and top-down initiatives to improve sustainability practices within the parent company and all its subsidiaries.

Today, SISCO announced that this year’s total gift amount was $153,000, and was spread across charities in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Each SISCO region chose local charities to benefit from the program based on three giving themes below:

Supporting the Economically Distressed

SISCO understands the need for companies to engage and nurture diverse talents, and its donation program focuses on creating value through support for economically disadvantaged individuals, especially women and children. By collaborating with HULFT Inc. and local NGOs like the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in the United Kingdom and Samaritan House in San Mateo, California, SISCO aims to empower these marginalized groups.

“CPAG is doing all we can to support struggling families,” said CPAG chief executive Alison Garnham. “Our nationwide advice services are supporting thousands of frontline workers to maximize families’ household incomes and our work in schools continues to identify and reduce costs for families, so that all children regardless of their financial background can make the most of learning and school life. We are grateful to HULFT Inc. for its support in making this possible.”

Ensuring Peaceful Living and Wellbeing

By focusing on the responsible use of natural resources and implementing disaster risk reduction strategies, SISCO aims to create a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable world. With donations toward reforestation projects and initiatives such as As You Sow to tackle environmental challenges, the company is determined to safeguard the wellbeing of present and future generations while also ensuring the continued success of businesses, the tech industry and the environment.

“We believe corporations must be part of the solution to today’s social and environmental problems, and we’ve been changing corporations for good since 1992,” said a spokesperson from As You Sow. “We greatly appreciate HULFT Inc.’s donation, and we leverage shareholder power to create lasting change by protecting human rights, reducing toxic waste, and aligning investments with values by keeping the pressure on corporations for forward progress.” 

Bridging the Digital Divide for the Visually Impaired

SISCO recognizes the importance of inclusivity in today’s digital world. As a result, they’ve made it a priority to support organizations like The Japan Braille Library and the Japan Vocational Development Center for the Blind and Low Vision. By providing digital skill training nationwide, these groups help visually impaired individuals access essential information. SISCO’s contributions will also enable the purchase of digital devices and software, such as smartphones, PCs, and screen readers, promoting broader inclusion in our data-oriented society.

Offsetting the Tech Industry’s Impact on the Environment

The tech industry has seen considerable expansion in recent years. Alongside this growth comes environmental challenges, such as increased greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource usage, including conflict minerals. To mitigate these effects, SISCO’s donations will be used in a variety of ways. In West Java, Indonesia, a reforestation project in collaboration with Conservation International and the local community will be resumed. Additionally, SISCO has provided funds to As You Sow, an organization focused on addressing social inequalities and environmental challenges.

With the mission to connect data all over the world and create a society where everyone can utilize data, SISCO continues to make multiple efforts to improve the world. Its donations and partnerships with other organizations are essential for driving its sustainable initiatives forward. 

Our hats are off to SISCO for making corporate giving and sustainability a management-level priority and we hope that this inspires many other companies across the world to follow suit.


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