Nissin Foods Holdings Selects Saison Technology to Enable Data Driven Decision Making

We are very excited to announce that Nissin Foods Holdings has deployed HULFT Square. As part of Nissin’s long-range planning for 2030 and beyond, the management team sought to establish a new technology foundation for data-driven business management. This meant moving away from intuition-based decisions and making them more pragmatic through hypothesis formulation and using high-value data analysis to back them up.

To enable this capability, the Nissin IT group needed to automate data integration across all departments. In some cases, its teams relied on manual data retrieval and transcription tasks, which slowed down data availability and prevented synchronization in time. In addition, many teams used different business intelligence tools and methods.

Nissin determined that they needed a cloud-based integration platform that could just as easliy work with legacy data as with the most modern data stores such as Snowflake, Azure and SAP. The company also had the following requirements:

  • Integrate legacy data with modern applications and databases to create a cohesive information base
  • Leverage data across the global organization to support decision making
  • Automate data integration workflows so that when data and structures change, the integration solution can maintain data integrity and data lineage

The Nissin IT team selected HULFT Square for its strong ability to handle all data inside a cloud-based integration framework. The team also appreciated HULFT Square’s flexible data integration capabilities, which could unite 8 geographically dispersed data operations. Their deployment process began with a proof-of-concept project integrating SAP and Excel data, uploading it into Snowflake in the cloud and then outputting it to Business Intelligence tools. From there, Nissin deployed HULFT Square across the entire organization, and it is proven to increase IT agility and the overall developer experience (DX).

The full case study can be found here.

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