JALUX AMERICAS furthers automation journey with the HULFT Integration Platform

Automating paper-based processes to accelerate digital transformation

JALUX AMERICAS, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based JALUX Inc. is a general trading company that has expanded from its core aviation parts business started in the 1980s into agricultural and marine products, processed foods, wine, beverages, apparel, and retail.

The company’s diverse global partner and supplier network ranges from multibillion-dollar conglomerates that utilizes the latest digital platforms to very small businesses that currently use paper-based or PDF-form ordering to complete transactions. No matter what system its partners use, JALUX strives to maintain a high degree of customer service and is constantly improving the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Most of JALUX’s network is fully digitized through EDI and e-commerce solutions. And last year, the company began an initiative to automate the collection and the conversion of non-digital invoices and shipping documents. Focusing on the suppliers in its aerospace division, JALUX sought to automate the process of manually entering data from inbound PDF forms into its in-house developed database, which manages all orders and transfers the data into its ERP financials system.

The Solution: OCR scanning and enterprise-grade data integration

In order to speed up the digital transformation, the sales operations team sought outside assistance to create data integration system. After reviewing several alternatives, the company chose Saison Technology because it had a powerful combination of scanning and data integration technologies.

The end-to-end solution included:

“In addition to an end-to-end platform that precisely met our needs, Saison Technology’s professional services team was the other critical component to our success,” said Kentaro Kawaguchi, vice president, aerospace department. “They made even the most complicated processes and software coding conversations in simple language that we could all understand.”

Reducing process time by 50 percent

The first phase of the Saison Technology project focused on the receiving and invoicing workflow. The second phase included more supplier templates and data integration. “What used to take 5-6 minutes to manually process a receiving entry now takes half the time, and the data accuracy has improved greatly,” said Kentaro Kawaguchi.

About the HULFT solutions by Saison Technology

HULFT Data Capture accelerates the capture, extraction, and validation of meaningful data through a streamlined and straightforward user-interface platform that gives users full control over the level of data verification and automation they require. This offering complements the breadth and depth of HULFT Integrate, a no-code data integration architecture that is securely compatible with all major data destinations through hundreds of diverse adapters. Combined, HULFT Integrate and HULFT Data Capture can work together in taking actionable data and delivering it further into a business application, intelligence tool, or workflow.

HULFT Data Capture is typically integrated into a workflow as part of a broader business integration process or RPA solution. Most data extraction tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data, and then manipulating it to the right format. Saison Technology offers a one-stop-shop by providing data capture, plus the ability to connect that data to any internal or external database directly.

Japanese language version of this case study is here.

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