HULFT Business Intelligence Service Brief

A Managed Service

Dashboards are only as good as the data behind them. Count on HULFT to deliver clean and fresh data from any source, and create a Power BI visualization in as little as 30 Days.

A Managed Service

The majority of HULFT’s customers do not have the staff or the budget to manage a large-scale BI platform, but they have urgent requirements to better understand and measure the performance of their business. HULFT unlocks your essential data that meets IT and regulatory compliance and serves it up in the dashboard format that your business team requires.

Legacy or Modern Data? No Problem.

BI data comes from everywhere, in a wide variety of formats. Whether your source is an old legacy system or an IoT sensor stream in a factory, our library of more than 600 business adapters can connect to practically any enterprise system or data source.

Leveraging Power BI

We use Power BI because it is the most widely used analytics tool that most business users already have some experience with, and most companies already have a license that enables them to use it immediately. This speeds up the time it takes to create the BI solution and reduces operational costs significantly.

Features Overview and Pricing

With the HULFT Business Intelligence service, you can select one of three pricing levels depending on your needs. No matter what, you receive simple and predictable billing. With more than two decades of helping global companies solve the most complex data integration challenges, the HULFT Professional Services team leverages its best practices through engagements with line-of-business professionals and technical staff. We locate key data sources and transform them into a format that can be consumed by Power BI, and HULFT helps business leaders construct their custom KPI dashboards.

HULFT Business Intelligence Service Tiers

A Proven Data Integration Platform

Underneath the data visualization layer is HULFT Integrate, an automated, no-code data integration platform. Whereas most data extraction tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data, and then manipulating it to the right format, HULFT Integrate connects that data to any internal or external database directly. HULFT maintains a library of more than 600 business adapters — just about any enterprise system or data source you can think of.

HULFT Business Intelligence Data Integration Platform

Our Onboarding Process

HULFT Onboarding Process

BI Concierge Session Today, Up-to-Date Dashboard in as Soon as 4 Weeks

HULFT Business Intelligence is the most competitively priced enterprise-grade offering on the market, starting at just $699 per month. To get started, just contact and we will guide you through a 30-minute concierge session where we will ask you the fundamental questions about your data and business metrics to ensure we have the right fit.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!


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