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A globally proven platform that can solve even the most complex integration challenges without sacrificing ease of use, speed or agility.

Seamless data integration to keep your business moving no matter what comes next for your IT and business teams.

Imagine replacing what used to take months and thousands of lines of code with a low-code workflow that moves as fast as your business. And imagine creating a powerful, comprehensive, high-speed data integration architecture that is compatible with all your major data platforms through a simple, intuitive visual interface.

HULFT Integrate provides an efficient solution to today’s integration concerns by providing instant connectivity between employees and the data sources they need to be more productive. In many cases, HULFT customers do not have the staff or the budget to manage all their integration projects, but they have urgent needs such as improving a business process or boosting topline revenue. For these use cases and hundreds more, HULFT can address all your data integration needs by leveraging a single modern platform with complete enterprise security.

Connect Anything – Legacy or Modern Data Formats

Connect Anything – Legacy or Modern Data FormatsOur typical customer has data located in the most modern SaaS applications and databases that are over 10 years old. Our library of more than 600 business adapters give HULFT the ability to connect to a wide variety of data stores and data providers whether local, on premises, or in the cloud. Data sources range from text files to Excel spreadsheets, databases, message queues, email servers, FTP servers, web services, cloud stores, applications and big data lakes.

HULFT - a trusted team
A Trusted Team

With more than three decades of helping global companies solve the most complex data integration challenges, the HULFT Professional Services team leverages its best practices through engagements with line-of-business professionals and technical staff. We locate key data sources and transform them into a format that can be consumed by the applications you need.

A Globally Proven Enterprise Platform

Underneath HULFT Integrate is an automated, low-code data integration platform. Whereas most integration tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data, and then manipulating it to the right format, HULFT Integrate connects that data to any internal or external database directly.

What used to take up to thousands of lines of code is now just a few lines with HULFT. This means, when you engage with HULFT Professionals Services for a project, our team will rapidly create cooperation flows, data conversion and processing that accelerate results. Iteration and routine changes happen fast.

HULFT Managed Integration Architecture


Platform Features and Technical Information

The business user’s experience of HULFT Integrate is seamless. They don’t ‘see’ the technology, but will quickly appreciate having more access to data than ever before, that results in higher productivity and the ability to make informed decisions faster.

What makes this possible is HULFT’s powerful data integration platform. IT leaders appreciate the breadth and depth of our technology that has evolved for three decades as a mission-critical integration platform to serve more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Below are a selection of HULFT’s capabilities.

Data Mapping
A powerful and flexible graphical data mapping component for mapping between an input structure and an output structure. It handles tabular and hierarchical formats, and also allows mapping between similar and dissimilar formats.

Merge Mapping
It combines two or more input data sets into a single output data set. Create appending data sets, merging data sets and joining data sets using a simple drag-and-drop graphical interface.

Automated Parallel Processing
For minimal memory consumption, HULFT execution engine automatically takes advantage of parallel processing within specific components. This allows for processing of large data sets while preserving low memory usage for the system.

Graphical Debugger
This feature enables project-level execution debugging by viewing real-time execution in a flow, and set breakpoints within a flow to monitor the environment.

Built-In Versioning
When configured with a repository database, the HULFT platform provides automatic built-in versioning of projects, which makes it simple for developers to revert to prior versions of projects if necessary, and greatly simplifies overall code management.

Documentation Generator
An entire set of project documentation can be generated in HTML format. The documentation specifies each script (flow) within a project, all components and their configurations, as well as details on all data mapping and merge mapping operations.

Enterprise-Grade Security
HULFT provides its own built-in user and group security framework. For enhanced access management, projects can be configured per user or group by what they can read, write, and register.

Deep Observability
The HULFT platform is built on industry standards and the service traces data movements from the code statement level to the machine it runs in. It presents all observability data and logs aligned in the same dashboard timeline, and we’ll trigger anomaly alerts for your IT team and call your attention only when required and guide your technical team to fast solutions when needed.

More Than 10,000 Customers in 43 Countries Trust HULFT to Connect Apps and Data Infrastructure

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