HULFT Transfer

Move the information that matters

HULFT Transfer is one of the most trusted and widely adopted* next- generation managed file transfer solution on the market today. Thousands of enterprises use HULFT to move large volume, high frequency information quickly, securely, and reliably.

For the last 20 years, enterprises have used HULFT Transfer as the foundation of their business infrastructure. Built around a robust framework of character code conversions, multi-OS environment support, and cross-platform integrations, HULFT Transfer makes sure critical information always gets where it needs to, intact and on time.

Why HULFT Transfer?

Move your data at lightning speed, without compromising quality

HULFT Transfer provides fast file transfers – up to six times as fast as legacy FTP solutions. Our compression technology offers stability (without any special tuning during a remote transfer), large data capacity, and inter-cloud service transfers.

Confidence that your data is secure, and where it needs to be

There should never be any question of how secure your data is during the transmitting process. HULFT incorporates the highest levels of encryption technology and modern authentication methods to safeguard your mission- critical data. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to configure, automate, track all your inbound and outbound data transfers, and meet the most stringent compliance standards.

Reduce IT complexities and inefficiencies

Not only is HULFT Transfer easy to configure and modify, its central management capabilities make it simple to manage your entire network of data transfer from one single location. In addition, we’ve made it straightforward for you to design and automate your business processes, further reducing IT and maintenance costs.

Part of a comprehensive data logistics platform

Moving data is only one part of your organization’s data architecture. Data teams are working around the clock to discover, sort, collect, and secure transfer information, often coding scripts to integrate complex systems.

HULFT Transfer fits into HULFT’s comprehensive data logistics platform, which includes HULFT Integrate and HULFT Director. HULFT Integrate provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop approach to creating complex data workflows, while HULFT Director is the “glue” that brings together both data transfer and integration for highly flexible, web-based central management that includes user authentication, access control, workload processing, system status updates, and more.

With over 10,000 companies spanning finance, health and manufacturing sectors across 43 countries using the software, HULFT occupies the second largest global market share. We are one of the most trusted and widely adopted data logistics solutions on the market today.

Key Features

Failure Recovery and Detection

When you’re facing missing or corrupt data in the file transfer process, you’re at risk for losing critical data that can cost your business. With enhanced search capabilities, HULFT Transfer offers rapid flaw detection, helping you to pinpoint the cause of error and reduce your recovery time.

Script Execution Hooks

These provide users with extreme flexibility and control over their file transfers. Users can execute scripts before and after a transfer job; on the send or receive side (or both); and allows for different configurations based on whether transfers are successful or not. User-configured tasks can be selected and adjusted, such as zipping an entire directory prior to transfer, notification via SMS text that a transfer failed or was successful, and more

Automated Configurations

Flexibility is at the heart of HULFT Transfer and we’ve created a framework for users to easily automate their file transfers. File triggers provide a mechanism to detect file changes such as a new file creation, deletion or update, which can all be configured to invoke job transfer execution. HULFT Transfer also provides a scheduling mechanism so:

  • Transfer jobs can be started at a point in time and on a recurring
  • Transfer jobs can be started from the sender side or from the receiver side based on business
  • Transfer jobs can be adjusted to groups – a single cast or multicast where one HULFT server will send many files to different receivers and hundreds of simultaneous

In a mobile, cloud-based world, you’re faced with a new set of data protection challenges. HULFT Transfer offers configurable encryption at the transfer job level, access management, and leading network DLP to help you establish the strongest levels of security and compliance within the network.

These include:

  • AES256 / HULFT proprietary encryption
  • Data loss detection and integrity monitoring
  • Prevention of unauthorized access and operation log output
High Performance Compression Engine

Built-in compression is an optional feature that can be configured as required on each transfer job. Users can choose to utilize compression before transfer, and to decompress on successful delivery. Compression and decompression occurs in-memory so the entire transfer job remains high performing.

Other features that help users be more agile and flexible with their file transfers include:
  • Automatic optimization of network transfer configuration
  • Configurable inflight data verification via checksum
  • Detailed logging and error reporting
  • Automatic resume on fail
  • Built-in integration with HULFT Integrate


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