Job Traveler Automation Solutions

Digitize every dimension of your workflow and create a closed-loop process that enables your shop floor teams to be better informed. Gain real-time visibility and optimize manufacturing with an end-to-end managed service from HULFT.

The Manufacturing Institute reported that 73% of companies plan to increase investment in smart factory technologies next year. Some of the spendings will go towards next-generation AI and robotics systems, but executives are just as keen to solve everyday shop floor problems that are eating away at easy profits.

Job travelers are a perfect example. While it’s standard practice for manufacturers to create these digital production orders in an ERP, they typically enter the hands of shop floor workers in the form of paper printouts or PDFs. At that point, managers and laborers begin to lose track of jobs, and it can take days or weeks for job travelers to be re-digitized into the manufacturing process so that key stakeholders can know the status of a job or what’s holding it up.

Job Traveler Automation = Data Integration + BPM + Business Intelligence

Automating the production process is not as simple as replacing paper job files with digital files on a tablet or iPad. It requires putting empowered humans at the center of the digital workflow, who can access accurate data and make changes as needed during production so that laborers and managers can always remain informed. For most manufacturing environments, this is done through a powerful combination of data integration, business process management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions.

While any one of these solutions usually takes months or years to implement, HULFT has streamlined the entire job traveler automation process into a matter of weeks, and can deliver the project on a budget that was once unheard of. We offer flexible deployment options including a 100% managed service with cloud-based software that upholds all of your enterprise security practices.

HULFT’s Job Traveler Solution Architecture

HULFT’s Job Traveler Solution Architecture (Diagram)

HULFT is one of the only manufacturing software providers that offers an end-to-end job traveler solution. We connect all of your critical data sources such as ERP, MES and CRM with a state-of-the-art integration platform, and then extend it to the BPM that enables your teams to interact with jobs in progress. Finally, HULFT Business Intelligence enables your managers to have a customized KPI dashboard that provides key statuses and analytics that help you improve productivity and quality.

BPM solutions are essential for shop floor workers to manage production. They hold the finest details of job travelers, and are where changes can be made in real time or where other team members in the plant can be alerted due to shortages of raw materials or other issues preventing on-time delivery of a job.

Common Job Traveler KPIs
  • #total jobs
  • #avg time per job
  • #avg employees per job
  • #avg time per employee
  • #tasks per employee
  • Elapsed time per job
  • Run times vs pause times

Visualizing Manufacturing Success with HULFT Business Intelligence

When your teams and essential manufacturing data is integrated and can be updated constantly, true business intelligence is possible. Imagine your plant managers having the ability to analyze production at the workstation, task or employee level and being able to address the machine and human issues faster than ever before. HULFT manufacturing clients report significant improvements in productivity and morale within just a few months of job traveler automation deployment.

Job Comparison Analysis Dashboard

With HULFT Business Intelligence, you can analyze workstation performance. Best of all, this dashboard is interactive, so that drill down into areas of particular interest.


Workstation Comparison Analysis Dashboard

HULFT customers often create time-based KPIs to understand which jobs are taking longer than average and if improvements can be made. HULFT enables you to examine performance at the job and task level to provide insights that help your teams adapt faster.

A World-class Data Integration Platform Helps You Navigate Change

Underneath your BI visualization layer is HULFT Integrate, an automated, low-code data integration platform. Whereas most data extraction tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data, and then manipulating it to the right format, HULFT Integrate connects that data to any internal or external database directly. Even if you have the most unique or oldest systems in the industry, HULFT can connect them with a library of more than 600 business adapters — just about any enterprise system or data source you can imagine

Unlock All the Insights Today that Can Make Your Business More Profitable

The sooner you combine HULFT manufacturing solutions to digitize your job traveler workflow, the sooner you’ll be able to make smarter decisions. Contact us today!


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