Warehouse Door Scheduling and Planning

Supply Chain Challenges

Poor warehouse receiving process

One of the biggest constraints in an active supply chain is warehouse door capacity. More specifically, the planning process to manage outbound shipping of goods to customers as well as the inbound receipt of inventory. 

Adding to the complexity is the varied customer shipping requirements as well as the different equipment types that are being managed. While door planning is at the center of an efficient warehouse, many times this is a manual process. The information needed to set up the schedule and manage the flow comes from many directions and a large portion of appointments are booked over the phone. 

Common problems from this process 

  • Minimal forward planning looking at the schedule a week or two out
  • Unplanned overtime
  • Disconnects between inbound deliveries and outbound orders
  • Unplanned deliveries
  • Inaccurate arrival times
  • No forward visibility of late or early driver arrival
  • Phone frustration for both the carrier and the dispatcher
  • Varied customer shipping processes and the complexity of inbound cargo throw the scheduled door time off
  • No data collection for fact-based management

How HULFT can help

HULFT Integrate can connect to many databases, communicate with any API, incorporate driver GPS data, and provide a structured and real-time data flow for warehouse scheduling. 

HULFT Integrate can then present an up-to-date combined view from sales (outgoing orders), purchasing (incoming inventory), transportation management systems, and driver position through their GPS updates. This continually refreshed view contains all the pertinent information to schedule and manage warehouse doors efficiently. Even data existing only on spreadsheets can be brought into the picture.

A Chart of How HULFT Helps with Warehouse Door Scheduling and Planning
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