5 Business Intelligence Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2023

As the 2023 planning season is upon us, we’ve published a brief BI trends report to help you navigate the essential technology and user issues. The good news is, there have never been more deployment choices (cloud, on-premise, managed services) and pricing levels for BI. Just as exciting, the timeframe for deployment for typical projects has never been shorter.

HULFT supports BI initiatives with a world-class enterprise data integration platform that can put any data source – no matter if it’s an ancient database or unstructured edge data from remote sensors – in the hands of your business users.

Let us know if you need a new KPI dashboard fast, or a project that can’t wait. For these needs, we have a managed service that can prepare and deliver integrated data into a Power BI instance within 30 days.

For more information, see our Business Intelligence & Enterprise Data Trends 2023 Report.

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