Manufacturing Made Easier with the HULFT Job Traveler Solution

The Manufacturing Institute found that 73% of companies plan to increase investment in smart factory technologies next year. Some of the budget will go to AI and robotics, but one of the top concerns of manufacturing leaders is to automate critical shop floor operations that are eating away at today’s easy profits. 

Towards this end, HULFT is automating job travelers for companies that use them for shop floor production and coordination. If job travelers are not integrated with other critical systems, it takes manual entry and days or weeks to understand if a set of jobs are complete, and if not, what happened. 

To make significant quality improvements, teams need more than accurate data. Tightly integrated ERPs, MESs, QMSs, CRMs and intelligent KPI dashboards can help your diverse teams understand what is stalling progress and what they need to do to ensure higher quality going forward. And with higher production quality, HULFT can also enable production teams to:

  • Reduce human errors by 90-100%
  • Validate production records in minutes, not hours
  • Make 20-30% fewer manufacturing deviations
  • Know the status of any job in real time, on a customized KPI dashboard

HULFT is one of the only manufacturing software providers that can connect a manufacturer’s critical business systems with a state-of-the-art integration platform, and serve up essential data up to a customized business intelligence (BI) dashboard that provides key statuses that define your production quality. What’s more, HULFT offers a data capture solution that can transform PDFs into digital records so you can leave your analog travelers behind for good.

For more information, see our Job Traveler Solution Brief.


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