HULFT Adds New Integration Updates for ADP Time & Attendance

Labor management and recruiting issues are not going away anytime soon, and for as long as they persist, HULFT will create more integration connections for our customers who are dealing with this challenging trend. Today, we are announcing more script templates and automations for ADP Time & Attendance that facilitate collaboration between labor leaders on the production floor and the back office. These automations drive greater efficiencies and cost containment.

As a real-world example of the benefits a company can experience with next-generation data integration, HULFT helped a major automotive supplier supercharge its investment in ADP by connecting data sources from key systems managing its production lines and the shop floor. This enabled the company to improve its HR reporting frequency from weekly rollups to 3 times daily at the beginning of each shift. HULFT also provided the HR team with the ability to deal with same-day labor shortages, and just as important, to find longer-term patterns so HR could better predict how many workers they needed to recruit in the next quarter. 

Read the brief case study here.

Most of HULFT’s customers are not building a labor-management system from scratch, but they need to connect data sources from essential systems. Typically, we can deploy data feeds within a month. But no matter where companies are at on the path towards digital transformation, HULFT can help by applying our decades of data infrastructure experience and industry best practices to improve the speed and quality of a company’s labor and manufacturing analytics.

For any questions, or for more information on HULFT’s labor-management integration capabilities, contact us at

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