Announcing HULFT Square – A Modern Data Integration and iPaaS Solution for Cloud Applications

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of HULFT Square, an innovative iPaaS solution that enables businesses to manage, develop, integrate, and secure data and applications across any cloud or on-premise location.

“Our data integration clients increasingly operate in public cloud environments. They asked us for an integration option hosted in AWS that can connect any on-premise or cloud asset, and is built on the most modern architecture,” said Masa Maruyama, CEO of HULFT. “After successful alpha and beta development phases over three years of testing, we are confident that HULFT Square can handle the most demanding workloads.”

HULFT Square enables faster workflow via intelligent recommendations that require less human intervention, and this accelerates the process of cloud migration with a wide variety of connectors and integration components to key AWS services like Amazon S3, Redshift, RDS, Aurora, Kinesis, EMR and SageMaker. The solution offers enterprise-grade data security and privacy for both IT and business teams. It also provides robust data source connectors and components and collaboration and scheduling capabilities. Other key capabilities include:

  • The ability to connect any data in any format or location and instantly accelerate workloads
  • Streamlined API management
  • Agile data quality processes to run rules and correct issues
  • Increased agility to connect with partners via EDI and B2B gateways


Expanding the HULFT Portfolio

Over the past three years, HULFT invested significant amounts of capital for R&D to augment its on-premise solution, HULFT Integrate, with additional cloud options and managed services. HULFT Square is the latest addition to the portfolio, which now includes one deployment option for global customers to experience the company’s world-class data integration capabilities. In addition to these integration offerings, the HULFT solution portfolio also includes:

  • HULFT Managed Integration Service – ideal for customers with limited IT resources and budget; it is 100% outsourced and led by our experts.
  • HULFT Transfer – a leading managed file transfer (MFT) solution.
  • HULFT Data Capture – OCR scanning of PDFs and paper for integration into digital systems.
  • HULFT Business Intelligence – a managed service to integrate disparate data streams and visualize KPIs and operational status.
  • HULFT EDI – a low-cost, standards-based approach to modernize partner connections.

See Demos and Join Us at AWS re:Invent

HULFT Square is currently in beta and is working with strategic partners including worldwide digital shipping specialist TradeWaltz (see news release).  HULFT will demo the solution at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas on November 27 to December 1, 2023.


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