Fiscal Year Recap and a Look Ahead to FY2025 

As HULFT, Inc. ended its fiscal year on March 31st, we changed our name to Saison Technology International. The move is symbolic, and also necessary to support the strategic growth of our company to come.  

We also closed our most exciting year in the past decade and exceeded our sales targets. This achievement is due to our relentless focus on customer success and executing on our plan to deliver a second cloud-based data integration option, HULFT Square. These results are a testament to the power of the HULFT Integration Platform and our company’s 30+ years of data integration expertise that enable companies large and small to achieve tremendous value and on timelines that are amazing.  

These achievements led to many new customer stories. TradeWaltz, created by NTT Data as Asia’s primary blockchain-based shipping and trading solution, needed an enterprise-grade data integration solution that could provide the ‘glue’ between its new platform and its trading partners. They sought to make data integration automatic for everyone involved and enable fast and efficient connections with minimal fuss. TradeWaltz deployed our iPaaS solution, HULFT Square, which orchestrates millions of complex data connections to keep the trading platform operating seamlessly. 

Entertainment company Square Enix Ltd. grew its digital operations over the past two decades like most other international companies: one significant project at a time. However, as more systems were created, keeping them connected required custom integrations. In 2021, the company sought to establish a single global ERP platform, and this required a centralized data integration platform to replace custom connections. Based on earlier success with another Saison Technology product, Square Enix chose the HULFT Integration Platform again to connect its enterprise applications as the enterprise integration platform. 

Statistics Estonia, the data analytics ministry for Estonia, analyzes data to inform the country’s economic and social policies. Its developers once relied on multiple disparate scripts and tasks that required lots of manual data integration work. But with HULFT Intergate’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, the team automated manual work enabling they could process much more data in the same timeframe. This means developers can be deployed more strategically on other business-critical projects.  

Why Customers Chose Saison Technology Last Year, and Will Do So Again in FY2025 and Beyond 

There are three key reasons why Saison Technology continues to be the data integration choice for global enterprises. First, we build the best data management products in the industry and have stayed on the leading edge of innovation for the past three decades. Second, we are one of the rare vendors that supports on-premise and cloud deployments, AND offer a fully managed data integration service for companies that don’t have the staff to support essential projects that need to be done within a few months. Finally, we support demanding workloads involving applications from all vendors across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. This deployment flexibility enables many departments inside of a company to work with Saison Technology, for many use cases. 

Last year, we executed very strongly against our multi-cloud strategy, and we are entering Saison Technology’s most exciting year ahead. This is because we have a strong role in enabling digital transformations. We also are driving the Generative AI and hyperautomation trends – both of which are only possible with integrating legacy and modern applications with new technologies.  

Our team still needs to do a tremendous amount of work to help customers become innovative digital companies. Enterprises need to move away from bespoke tactical tools and adapt end-to-end data management that treats data strategically to drive digital initiatives. As we celebrate three decades of customer success, I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments and very excited about the opportunities ahead in the next year on this innovative journey.  

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