Saison Technology Announces HULFT Integrate 4.4 

We are pleased to announce a new software update for HULFT Integrate customers. This on-premise version of HULFT has been updated to improve overall usability and productivity, and reduce the amount of manual admin time required to use the solution. We’ve made significant performance improvements and bug fixes as well. 

Here are the highlights of HULFT Integrate 4.4: 

  • Shared Drives Support (SSL/TLS 1.3 encrypted connections) – you can now read and write files on customer-owned Google Drives more easily, and it no longer requires user authentication in the Driver Adapter. 
  • Cloud Adapters – added Amazon S3, RDS for PostgreSQL 13, Amazon RDS for SQL Server 2019 and Google Cloud Platform, Google Drive, Sheets, and Gmail adapters.  
  • Microsoft Access Adapter – due to the growing popularity of Access, we’ve made it directly accessible from HULFT Integrate. This replaces the JDBC proxy server method. 
  • Enterprise Database Adapters – MS Access 2021, DB2 V11.5, Oracle 21c, PostgreSQL 13, MySQL 8.0 and JDBC. 
  • OS and DB Compatibility – We now support Windows 11 Client and its supported versions of Windows and MS databases. 


Pricing and Eligibility for 4.4 Upgrades 

Pricing for HULFT Integrate 4.4 will remain the same as for 4.2. Customers with an active support contract are eligible for 4.4, and they can download the package from their Customer Portal. 

The HULFT Integrate 4.4 package includes detailed instructions on how to upgrade it. The process starts with a server migration export, uninstalling the current active version of HULFT Integrate, installing the 4.4 package and then performing a server migration import. 

For customers without a support contract, please contact your Saison Technology service person or email for more information. 

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