HULFT enhances business process integration capabilities with new Data Capture service

HULFT Data Capture helps companies capture meaningful data and offers tight connection to broader business processes and backend systems.

SAN MATEO, California (BUSINESS WIRE) – HULFT, a comprehensive data integration platform, today announced a new service offering that provides end-to-end data capturing for all forms of electronic invoices, claims, delivery orders, shipping orders, CAD/CAM designs, and more. Many organizations are faced with the challenge of dismantling “document data silos” and giving employees the information they need to complete projects.

According to Gartner, “Fragmented finance systems and processes mean that many organizations are highly inefficient and rely on manual processes and spreadsheets. This leads to added costs, processing errors, financial waste, heightened internal control risks and the risk of misstating financial results.”[1]

HULFT Data Capture provides end-to-end data extraction services

HULFT Data Capture accelerates the capture, extraction, and validation of meaningful data through a streamlined and straightforward user-interface platform that gives customers full control over the level of data verification and automation they require.

This new offering complements the breadth and depth of HULFT Integrate, a no-code data integration architecture that is securely compatible with all major data destinations through hundreds of diverse adapters. Combined, HULFT Integrate and HULFT Data Capture can work together in taking actionable data and delivering it further into a business application, intelligence tool, or workflow.

HULFT Data Capture is typically integrated into a workflow as part of a broader business integration process or RPA solution. Most data extraction tools require significant manual interaction such as uploading the file, waiting for results, downloading the data, and then manipulating it to the right format. HULFT offers a one-stop-shop by providing data capture, plus the ability to connect that data to any internal or external database directly.

Global aviation distributor launches automation journey with HULFT Data Capture

Established in 1982, JALUX AMERICAS, Inc. has built a business dedicated to aviation and general trading. With the company’s expansion and global networking database, JALUX AMERICAS, Inc. is experiencing significant growth in the aerospace parts and material distribution sector.

With growth comes new challenges: Purchasing thousands of different aircraft parts from various suppliers caused an increase in the number of manual data entries for the internal teams. JALUX AMERICAS, Inc. has been tasked with finding innovative solutions to process a multitude of document formats.

“We are in a document-heavy industry and our teams spend hours on data grunt work, which has caused errors and inconsistencies,” said Kentaro Kawaguchi, vice president, aerospace department, JALUX AMERICAS, Inc.

“We’re working with the HULFT team to automate key processes of our workflows that are related to our suppliers and logistics companies. Our first step in this journey is with HULFT Data Capture, which will take the burden off of our Operation Control team from having to manually type in the data that we need. We’re very excited to benefit from HULFT’s new service,” said Kawaguchi.

Learn more about HULFT Data Capture here.

[1] Gartner, When and Where to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting, Cathy Tornbohm, Greg Leiter, 19 February 2019, report available to Gartner subscribers

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