Joint Climate Accounting Solution by Persefoni Japan and Saison Technology Proven to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Companies combine world-class CMAP and iPaaS platforms to help organizations of all sizes solve climate accounting issues with at least 50% less effort and resources

Saison Technology announced today the successful test of Persefoni’s climate management and accounting platform (CMAP) combined with leading cloud data integration solution HULFT Square. The test was recently completed in Japan by a team of industry solution builders from both companies. The team proved that Persefoni and HULFT data integration solutions working together can greatly reduce the time and resources it takes to calculate CO2 emissions and complete the other reporting and analytical tasks in the climate accounting workflow.

“The wide majority of SaaS, ERP and other enterprise applications do not specifically address the requirements for climate accounting, which slow results and require more IT resources,” said Masa Maruyama, CEO of Saison Technology International. “If organizations are serious about achieving carbon neutrality, they can achieve their goal faster and more efficiently if they use technology solutions that are built specifically for the climate accounting use case.”

Persefoni is a leading CMAP and a certified partner of the Partnership for Carbon Accounting for Finance. Its platform features highly accurate carbon accounting at the financial reporting system level. Underneath the application layer, HULFT Square provides data integration “plumbing” to acquire and transform all of the data feeds across the organization and from business partners that are required for climate accounting. With the complex volume, variety and velocity of Scope 1, 2 and 3 data, organizations benefit from a highly flexible cloud-based data integration platform.

Test Result Findings: Carbon Accounting Workload Reduced by At Least 50%

The process of calculating CO2 emissions can be divided into four major steps: collection of economic activity data, data transformation, structuring the data and creating visualizations and analyses. In the past, this effort has required a lot of manual work across disparate business applications and data integration methods. But with Persefoni, handling all of the application work and HULFT Square providing unified data integration, the entire effort is reduced by at least 50% and the reporting results are more accurate.

About Persefoni

Persefoni is a leading Climate Change Management and Carbon Accounting Platform (CMAP) company. Persefoni’s SaaS-based solution, which is compliant with the PCAF and GHG Protocol, enables corporations and financial institutions to conduct climate change-related disclosure activities required by domestic and international stakeholders and regulators with a high degree of reliability, transparency, and convenience. Persefoni’s platform is an “ERP for carbon” that centralizes Scope 1 through 3 carbon management (across your entire supply chain, domestic and international), allowing companies to proceed with carbon accounting and management with the same rigor and reliability as traditional accounting practices. Companies can proceed with carbon accounting and management operations with the same rigor and reliability as conventional accounting operations.


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