Saison Technology and ROCK15 Form Strategic Partnership to Help Companies Innovate with SAP and other Enterprise Applications

Companies will combine industry-leading data Integration software with innovative business system design services focused primarily on SAP applications to accelerate time-to-value, mitigate implementation risk, and build a resilient foundation for today’s uncertainty and tomorrow’s efficiency

San Mateo, CA — January 31, 2024 — HULFT, a global leader in data integration, and ROCK15, an innovative ERP design company, announced a strategic partnership centered on SAP application integration projects that will help companies that are adapting to fast-changing  requirements in today’s digital era innovate with new business models, business processes and IT systems.

ROCK15 serves clients mostly in the United States and Europe, specializing in the vision-based assessment and design governance for ERP and supply chain transformation, with a focus on realigning end-to-end processes and IT design to achieve targeted business performance. Its consulting services and solutions stand out for the team’s ability to significantly cut rework, maximize the reuse of IT assets, and establish a robust foundation for rapid change, all at a fraction of the cost compared to other consulting firms and often 60% faster.

Saison Technology and ROCK15 began working together on a client project in 2022 and have since partnered on several others. “It was clear from the beginning that our companies have a similar ethos and working process, and as a result, we delivered tremendous results for our clients on the SAP platform,” said Masa Maruyama, CEO of Saison Technology International. “With this partnership agreement, we will develop new efficiencies that will deliver even greater outcomes and more innovation.”

“In today’s business environment, operational resiliency is crucial for success. Many businesses face challenges with complex IT setups and tangled integrations. We cannot think of our future without an agile data integration platform,” said Hosin Min, CEO of ROCK15.  “We’ve been actively seeking a strategic partner with top-notch data integration solutions. Saison Technology has decades of experience and a broad portfolio of low- and no-code offerings that can be implemented much faster than conventional solutions. This certainly helps us to bridge the gap between design and execution in the intricate IT environment.”

For companies interested in engaging with Saison Technology and ROCK15, please visit our SAP Integration page or email



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