The Story of HULFT, and Why We’re Changing Our Brand Name to Saison Technology International 

At the end of last year, we announced that we are changing our company name from HULFT to Saison Technology International on April 1st, 2024. This move will literally and symbolically bring our company closer to the conglomerate parent company from which HULFT came: Saison Information Systems. 

For context, the HULFT brand was created in the 1990s, when an entrepreneurial team at Saison Information Systems saw a tremendous market opportunity in building a platform to connect enterprise systems in more flexible ways with next-generation data integration solutions. However, this business to be built was not very similar to the Saison Information Systems business units, so management decided the new technology group should have a different name and mission.  

The new subsidiary HULFT quickly became a global IT leader synonymous with in helping companies shift their on-premise client-server IT architectures for a distributed network-computing model just in time to take advantage of the business internet and the World Wide Web. Now three decades and 10,000+ customer deployments later, we are all very proud of how far our company and product portfolio progressed, while we established ourselves as one of the most dominant global data integration companies.   

But we are not sitting still, and we are as passionate as we were on day one of the HULFT journey. We are also very hungry, and realize that the complexities that lie ahead require even more innovative technologies and ways of thinking. So 18 months ago, while conducting some long-range planning, our top executives realized it was time to look into the next decade with a completely blank slate, which meant choosing different business directions and brand names if it made sense.  

Starting Again With a Blank Slate 

Members of HULFT of Saison Information Systems formed a dedicated entrepreneurial team to revisit all current and future assumptions to ensure that we have the right vision, strategy and product portfolio to be successful in the next decade and beyond. Through various exercises, it became clear that the future HULFT was more synergistic with Saison Information Systems than before. Also, it was clear that the future direction of Saison Information Systems was different than the past. So rather than continue as two separate companies, they decided that they would be better together as one company. 

The innovation team created a shared vision to connect the world’s data and make it useful for everyone.” To deliver on it, the product leadership on both sides confirmed their roadmaps of data management products and IT services to as a foundation for safety and security, as well as system development and operation for various industries, including finance and distribution, on a global scale. Realizing the impact of climate change on future business and society, the innovation team decided to expand its advanced business offerings, such as the HULFT Square cloud-based data integration platform, while also strengthening its efforts towards implementing technology for the future. 

Defining a New Brand 

During our brand values redefinition workshop, we chose 10 individuals from different departments to share their perspectives. They determined that our new brand should address: 

  • A broad user focus: Our discussions centered on a wider-ranging audience inside the companies we serve, addressing not only the existing but also future customers from IT and non-IT backgrounds. 
  • A product and service emphasis: The central themes for our products and services are “freedom and safety.”  
  • Extending the brand parameters beyond traditional corporate values: We chose to include current and future societal challenges that our technology could help solve. We also agreed to focus on users’ “sense of achievement” and “personal development journey.”  
  • Emphasis on clarity: Remove much of the industry jargon, and make our brand as easy to understand as our software is to use for customers.  

With these criteria set, our team created the following brand statement: “Connecting data from around the world, freely and securely for everyone. To achieve this, we provide cutting-edge technology and innovative services in a user-friendly manner. For companies, individuals, and organizations dedicated to addressing consumer and social challenges, we strive to simplify and bring excitement to the data utilization experience.”  

Our new brand embodies a harmonious blend of innovation, accessibility, and a commitment to solving real-world problems, reflecting our belief in merging seemingly conflicting values—such as “bringing innovation and cutting-edge technology in a user-friendly manner”. It’s this unique combination that allows us to create something truly exceptional.  

Despite these changes, our core products and quality of service remain intact. A big thank you to our clients and partners for being an integral part of our journey. Your support has been crucial in driving this transformation.  Here’s to a successful year ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our new brand and offerings in the next eight weeks.  

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