Make your old manufacturing technology new again, quickly and easily — without changing a thing.

Before you replace your old technology platforms, hardware, or change the way you make things, call us.  We can quickly and cost-effectively renew and repurpose your aging technology and data systems with light, smart software solutions, without disrupting the flow of your business.

You’re an auto parts maker with limited time and a bare essentials technology staff.  Keeping your production running and people employed is your #1 concern.

But times are changing.  And so are the demands on you to keep up.

Your biggest customer needs real-time inventory, shipping and production information.  They’re moving to just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing — with only one instruction, “Get it done.”

So how do you eliminate manual data entry, fax, .pdf, .xml spreadsheets and other disconnected data sources to get the right data into the right systems — without disrupting how your people work?

You call HULFT. 

And tell us about your biggest business and technology problems.

The ugly ones. That feel insurmountable. The ones that keep you awake at night. Problems that seem almost impossible to find the time, expertise, or budget dollars to fix. Where the stakes are high. Where failing to modernize threatens your ability to stay in business and keep families in your town working. The ones you can’t tell your coworkers about — for fear of setting off panic about their jobs. 

We’ve been there with customers just like you.

In fact, we believe your biggest, most urgent problems are where every conversation should start, which then inspires everything we do.

We’re a software company that doesn’t believe in selling you an expensive shrink-wrapped new platform that ties us to you.

We believe the best technology solutions solve your most urgent business problems quickly, easily and invisibly — to keep your people making things the same way they do today.

A better, faster, more profitable business begins with smart solutions — that aren’t costly or intimidating.

HULFT Renew is smart. It’s easy, invisible and cost-effective. It puts people first.

It’s like you. It’s American ingenuity at work. For people that get the job done with no fuss.  And no complications.

Give us a call and tell us about your toughest problem. If we can’t solve it fast and easy, we’ll help you find someone who can.

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