RIX North America turns to HULFT to support regional growth

Global trading company trims long workflows, saving 160 hours a month and reinvesting that time into customers.

January 5, 2021 (BUSINESS WIRE)– RIX North America, a subsidiary of RIX Corporation, a 110-year-old global trading company of production goods, has selected HULFT to develop a multi-phased integration and automation strategy that incorporates HULFT Data Capture, HULFT Integrate, as well as HULFT Professional Services.

RIX North America began operations in 2016 and is the North American trading division that provides high-performance industrial equipment to the auto, steel, machinery, semiconductor, and rubber/tile industries.

Within four years, RIX North America increased its revenue by five times. This success, however, uncovered back-office inefficiencies within their sales and accounting functions: With the growing influx of quote requests, purchase order fulfillments, as well as other customer inquiries, RIX North America realized that its original 20-step manual workflows and 200 email exchanges were taking valuable time away from the team.

“Significant time and human effort were going into processes that were sequential and repetitive in nature,” said Taka Fujinaka, president of RIX North America. “These activities can easily become our company’s biggest roadblock to scaling, and I want my team focused on 1:1 customer and vendor interactions.”

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Hear directly from RIX on how they automated key parts of their supply chain.

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Digitizing PDFs saves RIX 160 hours a month in manual work

The RIX North American team worked with HULFT to develop a multi-phased integration and automation strategy that also incorporates the migration, consolidation, and synchronization of data across Google sheets, Excel, and QuickBooks. This phased approach includes:

  • HULFT Data Capture, which leverages OCR scanning within an intuitive interface, eliminates manual data entries of manufacturing parts into Excel and Google sheets. The data would often need to be entered and re-entered in separate files as many as three times. With HULFT Data Capture, RIX saves 160 hours of work that is reinvested into more strategic activities.
  • HULFT Integrate, a no-code data integration architecture that is securely compatible with all major data destinations through hundreds of diverse adapters, will enable RIX’s regional teams to share and connect data quickly, even if different sales and accounting applications are used by each office.
  • HULFT Professional Services, which built a data management platform that can track current sales operations processes, price quotes, customer orders, and purchase orders. This platform will be accessible to both the North American and Japan teams to streamline data sharing.

“RIX is paving a new course of action that fuses digital and analog. HULFT Integrate and HULFT Data Capture reinforce the digital aspects of our business, which means our team can focus on the analog, in-person relationships,” said Mr. Fujinaka. “We are positioning ourselves for growth, and HULFT is one of our competitive advantages.”

Read RIX’s full case study here.

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