Statistics Estonia selects HULFT to integrate over 70 data sources, supporting Government’s critical economic and social policy decisions

APRIL 20, 2021 – SAN MATEO, Calif. – Statistics Estonia has selected HULFT, Inc. to integrate large volumes of data, in many disparate formats, from over 70 public data sources, supporting critical government decisions that shape economic and social policies.

Statistics Estonia has been responsible for collecting vital national data since 1921, facilitating analysis that delivers important benefits to Estonia’s population. Its work is crucial for demographic, social, economic, and environmental development.

However, the data gateway Statistics Estonia was using to receive and integrate the data was dependent on highly manual cleansing, restructuring, and validation, which necessitated three full-time SQL developers. The manual SQL scripts produced were prone to error and omission, and could not keep up with an ever-increasing influx of data, particularly from real-time sources like COVID-19 reporting.

“Much of the data we have typically processed was from a preceding period,” said Tauno Tamm, Chief Data Officer at Statistics Estonia. “What a phenomenon like COVID showed was the criticality of being able to integrate real-time data, which was coming at us with greater speed and velocity – faster than our developers could respond to.”

Read Statistics Estonia’s full case study here.

Hear directly from Statistics Estonia on how they accelerated their data integration in the webinar recording here (with English subtitles)

Better-quality data, and more of it – with less effort

Statistics Estonia worked with HULFT to slash the time, effort, cost, and risk of error involved in integrating data, by deploying HULFT Integrate to automate the processing of more data and at greater speed.

  • HULFT Integrate is a no-code data integration architecture that is securely compatible with all major data destinations through hundreds of diverse adapters.
  • Automation massively accelerated the integration of 50 separate critical statistics across all 70 sources – freeing up three full-time developers for strategic projects elsewhere in the organisation.
  • Both structured and unstructured data formats – .CSV, Excel, email, SharePoint – from both static and real-time sources are now integrated in greater volume, at greater speed.

“We can now produce data faster, with the same amount of people,” Tamm commented. “HULFT was the optimum combination of price, quality and customer service, delivering the best value overall in comparison to the other solutions we looked at.”

Read Statistics Estonia’s full case study here.

About HULFT Inc.

Today’s enterprise works hard for data. IT spends time and money manually connecting far-flung silos of data, which are often insecure. A division of Saison Information Systems (TYO: 9640), which celebrates its 50th Anniversary, HULFT has helped more than 10,000 global customers automate, orchestrate, and accelerate the secure flow of information at scale. HULFT provides a single global platform that helps IT quickly find, secure, organize, transform, and move the right information – automating the entire business processes of data flow, and unlocking value in a sea of information. HULFT is the engine that makes data work. For more information, please visit

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