The secret to modernizing your factory without expensive hardware

Is your biggest automotive customer mandating “Just-in-time” (JIT) technology?

Are they pressuring you to eliminate manual data entry, fax, .pdf, .xml spreadsheets and other disconnected data sources in favour of real time inventory, shipping and production information?

If they want to remain competitive in the global race to produce, higher quality cars that are faster, cheaper and more fuel efficient, all signs point to yes.

So how do you take waning mainframe legacy systems that are the backbone of your factory — and American big business — and update it to cloud-based platforms that are nimble, scalable and flexible to deliver JIT?

How are you going to get this done with limited resources, no tech team, while keeping the business running smoothly?  Talk about uncertainty, which in your business, equals risk.

It sounds expensive.
It sounds time consuming.
It sounds disruptive to the workers on the floor.

And if you followed the status quo and went the route of scrapping and replacing older applications and hardware with newer, cloud-based ones, it would be.

It would cost millions of dollars.

It would require you to interrupt your customer’s production line (and cashflow) for an unknown period of time.

And it would require you to retool and retrain everyone who has been doing the exact same thing, the exact same way, for years. 

The secret, thanks to HULFT — a comprehensive data logistics platform — is that you can meet the demands of your biggest automotive customers quickly, cheaply and without changing a thing.

Instead of selling you an expensive, shrink-wrapped platform, HULFT will renew and repurpose your old legacy systems with light, adaptive software that transforms complicated data into valuable information.

HULFT bridges the gap between where data is and where it needs to be, giving you the confidence to deliver JIT for your customers, while looking your workers in the eye, knowing their way of doing their job is safe and secure for the foreseeable future.

To invisibly step into JIT technology, book a quick call today. 

We’ll know after an 8-minute chat if we can help.  Or we’ll find you someone who can.

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