More than 10,000 customers in 43 countries trust Saison Technology to provide the backbone of their enterprise data architecture.

Statistics Estonia Efficiently Integrates over 70 Public Data Sources, Supporting Critical Government Decisions That Shape Economic and Social Policies

Government, Public Section| HULFT Integrate


  • Removed manual processes, enabling developers to be refocused on data value elsewhere.
  • Eliminated cost of building in-house data integration solution.
  • Built-in API tools deliver additional integration benefits without hiring more developers.
An abstract depiction of technology and statistics shows beams of light bisecting a wall of numbers

Jalux Americas furthers automation journey with HULFT

Trade | HULFT Integrate, HULFT Data Capture


  • Automated the collection and the conversion of non-digital invoices and shipping documents
  • Used HULFT Integrate to convert the data and map it to JALUX’s in-house database
  • Reduced process time by 50 percent
A photo of a large amount of printed & written data sheets spread over the top of a desk

Denso: Establishing a global, unified approach to data integration with the HULFT Integration Platform

Manufacturing| HULFT Integrate


  • Ease of data integration across multiple countries and regions.
  • Improved productivity of data integration development and enhanced governance.
  • Comprehensive set of HULFT adapters enable even legacy systems to be integrated.
  • Data integration platform provides the foundation for a unified global system.
An abstract image of global data streams over the background of a modern city

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America: Speeding time-to-market of sales support

Professional services | HULFT Integrate


  • 20 years of manual processes eliminated
  • Automation of sales registration process
  • Reduced process time by 90 percent
A modern office environment with people engaged in work and conversation

Hitachi Zosen: Building an IoT platform in one month with HULFT

Manufacturing| HULFT Integrate


  • The creation of a scalable IoT platform in just one month
  • Data processing without programming knowledge through an intuitive GUI
  • Ability to store data in different formats without a heavy burden on IT
A close-up of industrial manufacturing machinery

IBIDEN USA Eliminates Error-Prone Manual Processes with the HULFT Integration Platform

Manufacturing | HULFT Integrate


In just four months:

  • 24 percent reduction in order processing time.
  • 42 percent reduction in sales order entry time.
  • Increased accuracy of order processing, pricing, and accounting.

In one year:

  • 81 percent reduction in order processing.
  • Employees can now focus on more skilled and strategic tasks.
A view of computer chip boards assembled on a desktop for testing

Machinery manufacturer streamlines order processing with the HULFT Integration Platform

Manufacturing and Machinery | HULFT Transfer


  • Streamlined operations by automating order processing systems
  • Mitigated risk of order error by eliminating the need for manual input
  • Optimized the order management process, which significantly reduced lag time, communication errors, and late orders
  • Provided technology solutions without the need for IT support, particularly in remote areas
  • Mitigated the risk associated with connectivity issues through data storage and transfer automation
  • Enabled overseas locations to share data with other locations, not just headquarters
  • Increased overall department productivity by freeing up worker time to perform other tasks
A close-up view of the gears of industrial manufacturing machinery

A data integration platform that helps reduce development and operational man hours by 50 percent

Nutritional Supplements | HULFT Transfer, HULFT Integrate


  • Consolidated and standardized data sharing between 30 different business systems
  • Streamlined a seamless data integration process of 10M+ interactions per day
  • Reduced development and operational man-hours by more than 50 percent
A photo of nutritional supplement bottles and pills on a desktop surface

Saison Technology modernizes the transfer of sensitive medical information for commercial printer

Commercial Printing | HULFT Transfer, HULFT Integrate


  • Provided an effective communication infrastructure within a closed network for transmission of sensitive medical records
  • Established higher network reliability with fewer development man-hours
  • Eliminated the need for secured physical transport of files by vehicle
  • Enabled cost-effective servicing of new customers with lower data security needs
A photo of a press run of a commercial printer shows printed items moving quickly through an industrial printer

A just-in-time inventory process requires a file transfer solution that can keep up with demand

Semiconductors and Electronics | HULFT Transfer


  • Eliminated inventory errors and inaccuracies between the warehouse and operations system
  • Automatically detected data transmission errors and prevented future transmissions until the issue was resolved
  • Removed the need for batch file transfers, which reduced data transmission time from 30 minutes to three
  • Achieved seamless integration with the warehouse management system and the operations system
  • Streamlined workflow for warehouse staff, resulting in increased employee morale
A close-up photo of semiconductors

Global leader in material handling speeds up and simplifies data integration

Material handling and automation | HULFT Integrate


  • Reduced total cost of development and operations
  • Able to standardize interface development
  • Data integration reduced to two minutes
  • Enabled easy creation of new interfaces
A photo of a factory's material handling equipment

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