Podcast: How supply chains can minimize their day-to-day data integration headaches

Trapped data exist in companies of all sizes. The larger the organization, the more trapped data they aspire to use to create better experiences for their customers. At HULFT, we find this is especially true among supply chain organizations where legacy systems, lack of agility, manual processes, and not being ready for new technologies were costing our SC customers money and resources.

Many of our customers have machines such as proprietary high-speed cameras, PLC’s, legacy data stores, and unorganized web complexes. All of these machines hold data that our customers are trying to access. This requires extracting the data, then many times changing its format.

This is where HULFT excels and why, once again, we were excited to talk to Sarah Barnes, the host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain. This time, Sarah interviews our senior director of digital manufacturing, Dmitry Dukhan, on how HULFT streamlines the data integration process, empowering our customers to unlock the power of their information. We hope you enjoy the full podcast.

Our last Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcast featured Irina Rosca, senior director of global supply operations for SKLZ. Listen to it here.

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