Building on momentum, HULFT expands into Europe

HULFT, a comprehensive data logistics platform, today announced the expansion of its global presence with new sales offices in London and a channel-led approach of providing customers with both the strategic expertise and a unified platform they need to overcome their most complex data integration challenges. In 2017 alone, HULFT experienced an over 25 percent growth in the company’s data integration business.

“HULFT has decades of experience helping more than 10,000 customers transform their data, automate manual processes, and bridge the chasm between legacy systems and digital transformation,” said Junichi Yamazaki, director of business development for EMEA, HULFT, Inc. “We’re excited to bring our proven history of customer success across all industries into the European market.”

The HULFT data logistics platform includes:

HULFT Integrate, a comprehensive, high-speed data integration architecture that is securely compatible with all major data destinations through a simple, clean visual interface.

HULFT Transfer, a next-generation file transfer solution that moves large volume, high frequency information quickly, securely, and reliably.

HULFT Director, a highly flexible, intuitive, web-based central management for all data workflows. HULFT Director is also fully scalable, so it adjusts to an organization’s needs.

Join HULFT at Big Data Analytics London on November 27
For today’s CIOs, the problem isn’t lack of data. (In fact, IDC predicted in 2016 that the total volume of data created worldwide would reach 180 zettabytes – a zettabyte is equal to 1 trillion gigabytes ­– by 2025.) Rather, it’s that any IoT or machine learning initiatives demand data that’s cleaned, accurate, and accessible in real time.

Legacy systems are simply not equipped to handle and supply the amount of data required for businesses to gather true insights and analytics. And yet, these systems aren’t going away anytime soon. Join the HULFT team at the upcoming Big Data Analytics event in London – we’ll be demonstrating how we can help enterprises use big data for increased automation, reduced costs, insights, while still leveraging the value of their legacy systems.

To preschedule a face-to-face meeting or live product demo, please contact us at: INFO_EMEA@HULFT.COM

To register for Big Data Analytics London 2018, please visit:


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